Lexie Hanna, junior, is challenging herself this year.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Alexandra Hanna is a 16-year-old junior in Struthers High School.

Hanna is involved with many classes. She has only honors, CCP, and AP classes on her schedule. Hanna took the time and effort to try to get these classes, so she can get college work done early. As a straight-A student, it was a breeze for her to join these classes. As the classes got started, she realized just why these were honors classes. 

Hanna explains how her junior year has started with these classes.

“It’s been okay. School is very busy, and I was expecting this year to be hard. So far it’s been more challenging than I expected,” says the honors student.

Along with having this year already being challenging, everyone’s concerned about the effects of these classes outside of school. Hanna has  just ended the season for tennis and is about to apply for a job. It has been hard for her even though everything has come to an end.

Hanna explains just how she doesn’t have a lot of free time out of school.

“They affect me a lot outside of school. I do not have as much free time anymore, and there is always a lot of stress with trying to get everything done. It can be very stressful and these classes are very time consuming outside of school,” says the AP student.

Hanna exclaims just how challenging these classes can be. Sometimes she feels as if she wants to give up but keeps going and pushing herself. As she describes, that is how you have to be in those classes to make it through. 

Hanna explains just how challenging and stressful these classes are.

“The most challenging part is keeping up and not giving up. It gets very stressful at times and I just want to give up and stop trying, but in the end, I know I just need to keep going. Keeping up and not procrastinating is also very hard. If you miss one assignment you’re already very behind so it’s very important to keep up with your assignments and not do them at the last second,” says the straight A student.