Gigi Taaffe, sophomore, is making the most during her second year at SHS.

Mya Neider, Feature Writer

At Struthers High School, Gianna Taaffe started off strong in her sophomore year.

Sports at Struthers are a major part of student life. Even when not playing, the administration wants the teams to be watched and supported. 

With the entertained idea of playing sports, Taaffe can’t wait to be a part of it.

“This school year I am looking forward to participating in all of the sports I can,” says Taaffe. 

Many students focus on their grades and maintaining a good GPA. Trying to do well causes some stress, but hard work and a good mindset will pay off.

Taaffe’s goal this year is to keep her grades up and a good mindset.

“My main goal for this school year is keeping my grades up,” Taaffe said.

Gianna Taaffe came back to cheer this football season. She hasn’t cheered for a few years, so she knew coming back will be a hit or miss. 

As a sophomore, Taaffe made Varsity cheer. She loves supporting the Struthers football team and keeping the crowd spirited. 

“Making Varsity cheer my first year back was a major accomplishment for me. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to cheer on the boys, and I enjoy every moment of it,” says Taaffe.