Robert Carcelli, sophomore, helped the Cats to a successful season.

Marissa Metzka, Feature Writer

Robert Carcelli is a sophomore at Struthers High School. He plays varsity football and does very well academically.

Carcelli is a very good football player. He plays wide receiver and outside linebacker.

The season for the Wildcats looks a little different than the team had hoped. The team is working hard to pick it up.

“It started off slow, but we picked it up, and now I’m very excited for these next few weeks,” Carcelli said.

The Wildcats had a big win over Poland on Friday, October 25. Carcelli says the team was confident and they were looking forward to the game.

The Wildcats have a great opportunity in the playoffs, they want to focus on finishing the regular season first.

“I’m excited for our opportunity, and I think we can make something happen but we had to get through Poland first,” says the football player.

Carcelli had a quick change of pace from being a junior varsity player last and getting in for varsity here and there to this year being strictly varsity.

Carcelli loves playing football especially with his teammates, but there are people he feels he clicks with the best.

“Devin Braham is my middle linebacker, and we have chemistry together that not many people have,” says the sophomore.

Lastly, Carcelli loves being a varsity player, but Chaz Ekoniak played a big role in helping Robert become the player he is. He showed him how things worked and was able to be his senior role model.