Alec Grzyb, senior, is working hard in all areas on the football field.

Sophia Kavouras, Feature Writer

Alec Grzyb is a senior football player here at the high school and has been a part of the team for the past four years. 

Week ten has passed and Grzyb prepared for our rivalry game against the Poland Bulldogs. 

“I felt that going into that game we had better momentum for the game than Poland did,” says Grzyb.

Grzyb has been playing football since he was in fourth grade and has been playing quarterback since eighth grade.

The football player is a very versatile player and can play many different positions. 

“I’m a very versatile player, I play Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Kicker ,Cornerback, and Returner,” says Grzyb.

The senior likes playing Quarterback the best because he can see what goes on, on the field.

“My favorite position I play is Quarterback because I’m able to control what happens in the game and on the field,” says Grzyb.

Grzyb felt our team stood in a very good position to win the game on Friday. 

“I felt good about the game and I knew we were capable of winning,” says Grzyb.

The senior was ready for his last regular season game against the Bulldogs and the fans that came with it. 

“I was excited for this game because I was ready to be able to bring what the city has always wanted: a Win,” says Grzyb.

The quarterback was excited for this Poland game but also sad because this was the last time we will play Poland in a regular season game. 

“My favorite thing about playing Poland is the rivalry we have, and one thing that I’ll miss the feeling of playing them on friday night with the crowd behind us,” says Grzyb.

One thing Grzyb is going to miss about football is the feeling of a Friday night game.

“One thing I’m going to miss is the high school football Friday night feeling, It’s something you’ll never get back,” says Grzyb. 

If the senior football player could talk to his freshman self, he would tell him one thing. 

“I would tell him to lift weights. It makes a big difference, and it will help you out,” says Grzyb.