Natalie Wolikow, freshman, is enjoying her first year at SHS.

Nadia Galazia, Feature Writer

Natalie Wolikow is a freshman athlete at Struthers High School.

Natalie plays basketball and volleyball Struthers as a freshman.

Her favorite sport is playing basketball.

“I enjoy playing basketball (AAU mostly) more than volleyball or regular basketball for the school,” says Wolikow.

Natalie’s first year at highschool is different from middle school.

It was not easy for Woliko to change a lot of different things for her freshman year.

“Yes, it was hard to adjust and a little difficult for the coach to leave and then get two different ones after that,” says the basketball player.

Changing from middle school to high school is a big change, especially in sports.

It was hard for her to switch to a different place to play at and playing with different teammates.

“Yes, there are longer practices than middle school and the gym is much bigger,” says the volleyball player.