Ms. Zachar is in her first year at SHS.

Gianna Cannon, Feature Writer

Mademoiselle Zachar entered the Struthers School District during the 2022-2023 school year as the new French teacher. 

Zachar has been involved in the French language since high school and has taught the language at a high school level for over six years. 

Before beginning her career as a foreign language teacher, Zachar originally wanted to be a translator. However, she reconsidered her career path during her graduate program at the University of Toledo. 

“That was when I realized how different teaching is, and that I really loved being able to explain things to people and watch the moment when something “clicks” for them,” says the french teacher.

Entering a new environment has allowed the teacher to adapt to her new workplace. At her previous school, Zachar was used to having a chalkboard and very few resources, so she is still accommodating to how many other resources are available.

Zachar also elaborates on her relationship with students as well as the progress both parties have made. 

“Having a new group of students always involves an adjustment period for both the teacher and the students. But, I think we’re getting to understand each other,” says Zachar. 

Thus far at SHS, the French teacher has also encountered pleasant surprises. One of which is French Club, which Zachar is excited to pursue.

Regarding French Club, Zachar has a lot of new ideas in mind. 

“We should be doing a couple food and holiday related activities, as well as movie nights and a lunch out,” says the advisor of French Club.

Zachar also expressed some of her hopes as she continues with her teaching career. She is looking forward to watching her students grow throughout their years in high school, as well as growing alongside them.