Mya Neider, sophomore, is enjoying her year.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Mya Neider is a sophomore at Struthers High School who plays volleyball and does well academically. 

Neider plays volleyball all year round but also manages to keep good grades in all her classes. 

Social Studies is her easiest subject and the one she finds the most interest in. 

“Social Studies is my favorite because it’s the only subject I understand and actually want to learn more about,” says Neider. 

The volleyball player is enjoying this school year far more than she was last year. Everything is going more in her direction than it was last. 

This school year has brought Neider a lot more joy than last year. 

“The best part about this school year is having better classes than last year and having more friends in every class. This school year has been way easier and more fun,” says Neider. 

Worry comes to Neider when learning starts to become involved, but it doesn’t stop her from getting good grades. 

Neider would rather not have to do the learning part if that was a choice.

“My least favorite thing about school is learning because it causes me a lot of stress,” said Neider.