Mia Rodriguez, freshman, is participating in basketball and volleyball for the Cats.

Elena Bullen, Feature Writer

Mia Rodriguez is a freshman at Struthers High School who plays volleyball and basketball. 

Rodriguez has been playing volleyball since 7th grade and basketball since 5th grade. She enjoys being with her friends and practicing for her sports. 

High school has made a different perspective for her, coming from middle school. 

“It’s different having classes with all different grades. Some classes are also a lot shorter than they used to be,” says Rodriguez. 

Playing sports in high school can be different from middle school. It is a change for everyone on the team. Having new teammates and getting used to the c0aches can be hard. 

Rodriguez plays on the junior varsity volleyball team and enjoys it.

“Volleyball is good, although this season has had a lot of ups and downs. It is different from middle school, even though I’m playing the same position, just the environment by itself has changed,” said the volleyball player. 

The student athlete wants to get good grades and meet new people during her winter sports. This will lead her to having a good experience during her 4 years here.

Having good grades is a very important thing while being a student athlete to Mia. 

“Im looking forward to getting to know more people and basketball season. I want to get good grades and stay on top of my school work with sports,” says Rodriguez. 

Freshman is enjoying her high school year so far a lot more than middle school and continues to look forward to new things.