September Students of the Month (Left to Right): Jayci DiRienzo, Matthew McConahy, Morgan Minno, Keilyanis Rodriguez-Feliciano, Grace Fabry

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

The Struthers High School students go above and beyond to stand out and make Students of the Month for September.

With the start of the school year, it was the first chance for students to make a good impression on the rest of the school. If a teacher sees them doing something that really stands out to them, they are the ones who nominate them. Students who are constantly doing good things, even when people aren’t watching, are the typical people who get voted.

Mrs. Lambert, an English teacher, finds it important for her to nominate people for Student of the Month, especially when students do things that stand out to her.

“I nominate students based on their academics and their student performance. I also like to give it to students who are overlooked, like they work hard, but no one really notices them,” says Mrs. Lambert.

The students who were nominated for the month of September included Gracy Fabry, Keilyanis Rodriguez-Feliciano, Morgan Minno, Matthew McConahy and Jayci DiRienzo. They pick people from each grade, usually only one, but for this month they picked two seniors, one junior, one sophomore, and a freshman.

Senior, Grace Fabry, recommends advice to anyone who hasn’t gotten student of the month yet.

“Try to be more involved in your school,” says Fabry.

These students get rewarded in many different ways for their success. For the seniors and juniors, they are rewarded a free parking spot in one of the lots, and for the underclassmen, they receive a gift card or a fast pass of some sort. All of the students of the months from the whole year come together at the end of the year and are taken to lunch at the Magic Tree and Handels.

Sophomore, Matthew McConahy, is excited to be picked for Student of the Month.

“It’s an honor to be Student of the Month because you’re representing the school in a good way and showing the teachers that you’re a leader,” says McConahy.