THE 100

Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

Could you imagine the earth not being livable? To the point of everyone living in space, doing what they need to do to survive?

“The 100” is about post-apocalyptic survivors who formed an “Ark” in space to survive after the apocalypse. After nearly a century had gone by, the one in charge made the decision to take the chance and see if the Earth was survivable again; being there, resources were becoming limited and they knew they all were not going to survive on that ark. They needed to find out if they would be able to survive on Earth. With that being said, they sent down 100 delinquents, not knowing what would happen to them. But when those 100 went down to earth, it was completely different than what they thought to expect.

After a couple seasons they introduce an “AI,” which is a chip that you swallow that allows you to enter this state of mind that keeps you from thinking straight. After bringing this onto the show, the show starts to get a little weird and confusing. Being that it kind of just comes out of nowhere and supposedly had such a big part in some of the main points. This dragged the whole topic of the AI on for a good amount of time, but it was the same exact event happening. They should not have even introduced an electronic chip such as an AI being it did not have anything to do with the plot.

When the 100 got to the ground, they realized that they were not the only ones on the earth. There were actual survivors from the apocalypse. They did not look like the 100 although, They have been on the Earth that no one thought was even survivable. So the 100 were caught by a big surprise, being these survivors have actually had to survive the time with being on Earth when it was supposedly not even survivable. Their only instinct is to survive which makes an interesting interaction between the 100 and the Earth Survivors. This definitely made the show 10 times more interesting.

The show “The 100” deserves a 8/10, with all the plot twists and changes going on you’ll never get bored of it. It just draws you in more each episode.