Vanessa Cicozi, Entertainment Writer

“Halloween Ends” hit the movie theaters on October 14 to give fans a horrifying yet unexpected film.

The movie is a sequel to “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween” as well as the other movies containing the famous killer Michael Myers. “Halloween Ends” contained some of the original actors from “Halloween Kills” such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak and James Jude Courtney. David Gordon Green directed “Halloween Ends” in hopes to give fans the horrifying outcome they wanted.

“Halloween Ends” started off as “Corey” babysitting a little boy named “Jeremy.” Jeremy thought it was a good idea to pull a prank on Corey by locking him inside the attic, but it led to Jeremy’s death. As word got around, Corey was now known for committing manslaughter. This caused people to bully Corey everywhere he went and sometimes got injured in the process. “Laurie” happened to be around Corey when he got hurt making her take him to the hospital where “Allyson” works. Corey and Allyson fell in love instantly, making Laurie know that it was a bad idea. After Corey and Allyson met, Corey had gotten into an altercation with a homeless person leading Corey to meet Michael Myers. Ever since Corey met Michael, they both have been on killing sprees around Haddonfield. As Michael and Corey are killing together, Corey gets the idea to take Michael’s mask and use it to taunt Laurie because she was trying to take Allyson away from him. This made Corey stab himself to frame Laurie until the real Michael comes to kill Laurie. Michael was too weak and Lurie ends up killing him, making the town come together to put Michael to rest.

Green had intended “Halloween Ends” to have its own unique theme of being a love story. This made “Halloween Ends” different from the other Halloween movies because it shows a different plot from the rest. The love story in Halloween Ends is Corey Cunningham falling in love with Lauries granddaughter Allyson. While they are getting to know each other Corey crosses paths with Michael Myers and being a murderous outcast. Laurie had unintentionally let Corey and Allyson meet when Corey hurt his hand, but Laurie had soon realized Corey was no good for granddaughter. Before Corey and Allyson met, Laurie was writing a book about her interaction with Michael Myers on how he killed her sisters and Laurie had stabbed him hoping he would die. Since the altercation with Michael and Laurie, Laurie can only see Michael in Corey’s eyes indicating that Corey is not a good person deep down.

While being left on suspicion, the sequel is recommended to those who love horror movies with a touch of romance. The rating of this movie is 6.5/10 for the unique theme and plot.